Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Power with Giancarlo Stanton

Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Power with Giancarlo Stanton

Join Major League Baseball All-Star Giancarlo Stanton and sports yoga instructor Kent Katich in four dynamic athletic yoga practices to build power, upper body strength and increase velocity. Stretch and strengthen the shoulder and core muscles in Shoulder Mobility & Core Stability, then establish power through the body with Power, Strength & Steady Movement and build balance and concentration with the Focus & Steadfast Balance sequence. End your practice with Slow Stretch, a calming floor practice for muscle recovery and mindfulness.

Shoulder Mobility & Core Stability (20 minutes): Improve range of motion by stretching and strengthening shoulder muscles and incorporate core work to stabilize the body.

Power, Strength & Steady Movement (20 minutes): Use natural movements and resistance to generate heat in the body with this dynamic sequence to establish power in the upper and lower body.

Focus & Steadfast Balance (20 minutes): Use traditional yoga poses to build balance and concentration in this slow and steady practice.

Slow Stretch (9 minutes): This calming floor practice targets hamstrings, hips and back muscles to help muscle recovery and mindfulness.

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Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Power with Giancarlo Stanton